Beijing Railway Museum 2003

In March, 2003, there were about a dozen steam locomotives and two diesels plus some passenger cars in the exhibit hall of the new Beijing Railway Museum. The building is big, roomy, well lighted and enough room to get back for photos. They were also building another hall which, when completed, would hold 60 locomotives in conjunction with the current hall. Here are some photos of engines on display in the hall. Click on small photo to see a larger image.


loco 0Locomotive 0 was built in Britain in 1882 and is one of the two oldest engines on China railways. It was used on the Tangshan-Xugezhuang Railway.



Class HP 2-10-2 #0001 built at Dalian Locomotive Works in 1956.


JS #5001


JF class #1191


Diesel switcher #0008


Class KD7 #534 built by Baldwin, part of 160 engines given by the US to China at the end of WWII.


A pair of Pacifics


Class PL5 #146


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