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12/31/03 New on KODTRAK Kountry--Memories of a Hojack Telegrapher in the Vignettes compartment and news reports of the Auburn & Syracuse Railroad linked directly from the homepage. Both are from research by Richard Palmer.

8/3/03 New on KODTRAK Kountry. My trip to China in March, 2003 to see steam in action.

11/16/02 Added more to Minshulls of the Midland page.

8/11/02 Upgraded Vignettes pages and added new Lehigh Valley, Lackawanna and M&OL pieces.

7/1/02 Learn about the New York & Oswego Midland, the predecessor to the O&W. See the old locomotives and equipment. Learn the full story of John Minshull, Master Mechanic killed on inspection car 3 in 1879.

5/31/02 You'll have to wait a little longer for those LM&PR views. The Crystal Creek Southern Railway has been abandoned in favor of going back to O&W in HO. See the For Sale section for Sn3 equipment and supplies I am selling.

1/12 John Wissinger reports the Lake Monitor & Pineridge Railroad is out of its crates and operating. Can the Allegheny Midland be far behind? Stay tuned. We plan a visit in May so new photos should be forthcoming.

1/12/02 Finally added O&W Downey Dock photos to Oswego section-over 30 new photos.

12/15/01 Added World War I Memorial Booklet to O&W page

10/30/01 Fixed O&W page to restore links to other O&W articles

8/26/01 In the Oswego pages, added another old photo of Oswego & Syracuse coal trestle; updated O&W trestle photos

7/20/01 O&W Oswego section updated with the first segment of photos, from the End of the Line to the Roundhouse. Next section to watch for will be the coal trestles.

7/8/01 O&W page updated with link to 1900 train service promotion book.

6/15/01    Mail Crane page upgraded. New feature on Oswego NY added, covering DL&W, O&W and NYC. Lots of photos in DL&W section, O&W and NYC will have lots more photos to come.

5/30/01   KODTRAK Kounty Homepage, O&W main page and Picture This upgraded to new format. New picutres added to the O&W Kingston Branch pages. A brand new Lehigh Valley page unveiled.



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