Old & Weary Tales

In the early 1900's, a traveller, weary from drinking all night, arrived at the Oswego station and was partaking of breakfast in the station restaurant while waiting for his train. When the switcher began shifting cars, the man thought his train was leaving and ran to the steps, lost his footing and fell beneath the trucks. Luckily, he was able to pull his legs out just as the wheels ripped the sole off his shoe.

The O&W station in Oswego, NY was a two story brick structure, rectangular and very utilitarian and plain looking. It was located on East Bridge Street, across the street from the Oswego County courthouse. Both O&W trains and Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg (later New York Central) trains passed this station, with the NYC trains continuing west to the NYC station on West Utica Street, across the river. While the volume of business at the O&W station probably never reached the capacity of the edifice, that didn't mean unusual things didn't happen there.


A more sobering incident occurred shortly thereafter in Oneida. Brakeman Alfred Adriance, working the rear of train #30 while switching, got his foot caught between the guard rail and the running rail of a switch. He gave the engineer a highball anyway and grabbed for a ladder on a passing boxcar. Alas, his grip was loose and he fell beneath the moving train, the wheels running up his back and crushing his head.