Snow Train '99 is history but the memories remain. Here are a few views. Above, Saginaw Timber #2 brings a train past Bluffs and into Quartzite Lake on Saturday.

Thursday was 50 degrees, then rain, then wind, then hail, then sleet and ice. By Friday, the Sunday strained thru swirling snow, making the ex-Soo Line crossing tower and environs look like they were inside a snow globe.

The weather turned cold Thursday night and when Pat Campion tried to take oil on Friday morning, the line from the tank car was frozen. A switch heater was used under the classic GATX tank car to help thaw things out.

Saginaw Timber #2 blasts upgrade along the Baraboo River backwater just out of the yard on the first run of Saturday. Modifications to the petticoat pipe made the exhaust roar!

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