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The Allegheny Midland Railroad (no connection to Tony Koester's road of the same name) is a shortline set in western Pennsylvania in the 1920's. Steam powered local trains have plenty of work serving the many industries in Pineridge and out along the line. This railroad in HO scale by John Wissinger is a companion to the Lake Monitor & Pineridge traction line which provides passenger service between Pineridge and Lake Monitor. The Allegheny Midland is freight only between the same two points.

The railroad is currently in storage but a permanent home has been completed. When the railroad room is finished, the crates will be opened and trains will run again. Meanwhile, modelling continues on rolling stock. All photos by company photographer J. W. Wissinger.

Allegheny Midland yard switcher, 0-6-0 #18, works the yard in Pineridge.

Allegheny Midland 2-6-0 #17 stops at the Pineridge coaling station after arriving with the local freight from Lake Monitor. She has already taken water and will next have her fire cleaned and ashes dumped before easing onto the turntable and a well-deserved rest in the roundhouse.

Motor car shed and yard office in Pineridge. Lake Monitor & Pineridge interurban is approaching street trackage on Grand Ave, leading into Pineridge.